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Our automotive services include 30k, 60k, & 90k services as well as lube, oil, & filter changes every 3k or 5k. Maintenance by mileage is the best way to keep your vehicle running at its best throughout the years.

We install and repair tires. Suspension, shocks, struts, alignment, and other steering components could damage your tires significantly requiring replacement sooner than later. Not to worry, we will check out the condition of your vehicle during your oil change free of charge!

Are your Brakes not feeling how they used to? Are they squeaking? Sometimes brake noise will give you an uneasy feeling that brakes need to be changed out. Here at PAW, we will put your mind at ease with a complete brake inspection informing you of your brakes and brake fluid condition. 

Is your Transmission trying to tell you something? Letting your car run without getting the transmission fluid serviced can cause your vehicle to shift hard, potentially damaging the internal parts of your transmission. Once the transmission is damaged, replacement of the transmission is the next step and it can be a costly repair. Have you had your transmission fluid changed? If not stop by or call to schedule a transmission flush service.  

A/C PERFORMANCE Services include testing all applicable models with a gauge check, leak test, and partial charge. Our ASE Certified Technicians are very knowledgeable and will fix it right the first time!  

Performing a car diagnostic can reveal a number of problems associated with the transmission, oil tank, gas tank, exhaust system and other components of the vehicle. This is now known as the car diagnostic test; the process involves producing a complete report with a set of codes that pertain to different problems. If your check engine light is on we will test all components of that code and provide a solution to you.      

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